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As they neared the end of the lane, one of the men asked
in a harsh whisper, " Reckon has he got another dog?"

" No/' Mr. Munn said.

"Reckon did anybody hear that barking?" another man

"It's a right smart piece up here;1' somebody said, whis-

" Better leave the horses here," Mr. Munn directed. And;
"Mr. Sass, will you and Mr. Mock take charge of them?"

The horses were led into the shadow of the thicket. The
men paused, and drew together into a compact group.

"Maybe we better wait and see if anybody heard that
dog," a man whispered.

" No," Mr. Munn said, " we won't wait."

The men adjusted the cloths on their faces. Without fur-
ther talk, two of them separated from the group, and moved
off toward the rear of the house, skirting the brush along the
fence. They were quickly out of sight. "All right," Mr.
Munn said.

Still in a compact group, the rest of the men moved to the
gate. Mr. Munn cautiously pushed it open. The men moved
across the yard toward the house, soundlessly. They pressed
themselves against the walls of the house on each side of the
door. A man who wore no cloth over his face but who had
his hat pulled down stood directly in front of the door. He
reached his hand out and struck the boards of the door. At
first there was no sound from within. Then there seemed to
be a stirring inside, at the window. The men pressed them-
selves more tightly against the wall The position of the
single man who was facing the door was in the line of vision
from the window. There was a sharp movement from within.
" Wait a minute," a voice said.

The door swung slowly inward, and there the vague form
of a man stood blocking the opening.

" Hello," the unmasked man in the yard said. And at the
word the man who had been crouching nearest the door
thrust Ms foot into the aperture, jammed a pistol at arm's